Thursday, September 22, 2011

Days of Summer...

Well the last official day of summer 2011 is upon us and I must say it was a busy but enjoyable season.

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend at her family cottage last month and I took a few photos while I was there. It was so peaceful and relaxing on the lake with only a few other cottages who share the water. A perfect vacation from the city.

One of my favourite things about summertime is waking up early to enjoy my morning coffee by the stillness of the lake. So calming and peaceful with the warmth of the coffee paired with the warmth of the early morning. For me, the photo below captures this moment perfectly.

By the Lake - Summer Desktop Background - 2011

I have made this image my current desktop background and I am really enjoying it. Please feel free to do the same and try this image out as the desktop background on your own computer.
You will be happy you did.
 I hope everyone had a great summer! Cheers to a beautiful autumn ahead.

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