Sunday, September 30, 2012

Word on the Street 2012

National Book and Magazine Festival

I always love going to this event each year. I stumbled upon it unknowningly when I first moved to Toronto and since then I try to go each year. It took place last weekend with many booths, books, author talks, and more throughout Queen's Park.

This year I had the pleasure of hearing a live read from one of my favourite childhood authors, Dennis Lee. When I was really young I remember going to see Dennis Lee read with my class and so, nearly 20 years later, it was great to have the opportunity to hear him read again. He read many favourites which included his popular Alligator Pie. Classic.

 Alligator Pie - Dennis Lee. Alligator Pie Tribute Drawing
This post also fit in nicely with this week's Illustration Friday topic: Book
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Cheers to a great week ahead!