Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Movie Watching: Home Alone

During the Christmas season, one of my must-watch Christmas movies is Home Alone. A definite classic, plus Marv's scream gets me every time.

And so brings the inevitable debate...
Marv's All-Time Best Scream: Tarantula vs. Bird Swarm.

I'm always torn....

The tarantula scream is just a great scene all together: Scream paired with Marv crow barring Harry
"Harry... don't move..."
"Don't... move..."
 "Marv, what are you doing... Marv..."

But the bird swarm scene has so much heart to it. Marv emerging from being mauled by pigeons to let out the most perfect scream of terror/hilarity. A great final way to catch the bad guys.

It's a tough call...

Below are the video clips links from both scenes cued up for your enjoyment. I'd love to hear which side you're on  :)  Enjoy!

The Tarantula Scream - Home Alone -


The Bird Scream - Home Alone II -

P.S. While creating this post, I couldn't find a pic of Marv's bird scream scene but I DID come across Home Alone 2 trading cards by TOPPS Trading Cards 1992. Who knew?

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BONUS  Random Trivia

Q: What are Marv and Harry's last names?

* Answer at the end of this blog post *

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Cheers to a great holiday season ahead!

A:  Marv Merchants and Harry Lime

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  1. Way are you guys bad guys in home alone are you really a bad guys