Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Has anyone ever told you you look like Alanis Morissette?"...

Yes, yes they have.

It started back in '95 with the release of her Jagged Little Pill album and it's been going strong ever since. Even today, with short hair, and no new albums released recently, I still get random strangers asking me if anyone's ever told me I look like Alanis Morissette...

I must say, I do see the resemblance (and for those who have said they don't see it, take a look at the photo below - even my close family might be confused on this one...)

(No, this is not me)
And now, after 15 years worth, I thought it might be fun to start keeping count (if only I had thought of this earlier). I'll be posting the recent tally in the right-hand column if you want to follow along with the excitement.

So far, after only 2 months, the official count is ----- 6

P.S. If anyone knows Alanis Morissette and could arrange a meeting, I would absolutely love that. Just putting it out there ;)

*o *o *
photo source: > Alanis Morissette - Pictures

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  1. Yes, I agree let's try:) I'm down for going on an alanis hunt,lol!