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Illustration Friday: Theater

This week I wasn't really feelin' the topic so I stretched it a bit to include the theatricality (and ridiculousness) of my everyday...

This past Friday I came home from work to find that my landlord's building "renovations" had gotten a bit out of hand. They thought it would be a good idea to roller ALL the trees in the front yard half white (and the concrete trim for that matter)... faux birch I guess... My apartment building looks completely ridiculous.
Needless to say I had to include it in a comic. I used an actual photo instead of drawing the scene just to show that I'm not making these things up.
Those poor trees will never be the same...


  1. LMAO!...what did the poor trees ever do to anybody!... ;D Funny cartoon! You made his shadow on the ground look really real, very cool!

  2. Oh my! The poor trees :( People are so thoughtless with living things! That should not be allowed....Love your idea. You turned a negative into a positive.

  3. hahahahaha this is to funny! great pic! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my scratches and hey I am now a fan and follower of yours!


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